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T is leaving - argent - 03-28-2016

T told me today she is leaving and will no longer be able to be my T.  She is my first T and we have worked together for 8 years.  The DID and parts work emerged after 4 years.  I'm a mess.  I don't think I will ever have the courage to work with another.  I'm so overwhelmed with grief, anger, and denial, just to name a few emotions and the internal parts are in chaos, lots of sneering, shouting and whimpering going on.  My last tie to this place is about to snap.  I may just load up the car and start driving.  Burn this place to the ground and never look back.

RE: T is leaving - nats - 03-28-2016

so sorry about your T. would leaving help?

RE: T is leaving - argent - 03-29-2016

Part of me is always looking for an excuse to pull up stakes. I call her Flee. It is tempting to leave. She is convinced that things would be better elsewhere. It's how we survived childhood, just waiting for the escape at 18.

RE: T is leaving - argent - 03-29-2016

Thank you, also, for your response, nats.  

RE: T is leaving - nats - 03-29-2016

we do the same. don't know if it's one or more likely several. there is always an escape plan that involves leaving. when we left, it was never a problem for us, so we don't agree with people who tell you to stay just because. it depends what works for you in your situation. hope it gets better for you.

RE: T is leaving - argent - 04-04-2016

Thanks. I am doing better.

RE: T is leaving - The People - 04-09-2016

Glad you are doing better. You can get through this. Focus on getting through the present before you worry about what comes next. Easier said than done based on experience but t really is the best thing to do.