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So overwhelmed - The People - 03-01-2016

As some people know I have been on a moving marathon for the last 6 months. Today I realized that the toilet was leaking. A few minutes ago I also realized that the bathroom sink is leaking. He just repaired that.

And they won't return my calls or texts.

RE: So overwhelmed - nats - 03-01-2016

oh no, how frustrating! hope this is just a bad start to a good rental.

RE: So overwhelmed - argent - 03-29-2016

How is the new place working out? Did they fix your toilet and sink?

RE: So overwhelmed - The People - 03-30-2016

Everything has been fixed and it I a nice, central little place. There can be noise issues from a few idiots when they go to the elevator but that is it.

RE: So overwhelmed - BlackeBird - 03-31-2016

Moving is such a pain in the tush! I've been at my apartment for 2 years. The people living over my head are noisy but otherwise it's pretty good. And they allow cats. Smile