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Foo connecions - The People - 01-23-2016

Someone has been making nice with female members of FOO. We have had contact with a few sisters, 1 niece and 1 nephew. We had blocked ones we really don't want to hear from.
Ages ago we joined... I forget the name. We tried many times to unjoin and yet we would still be connected. Yesterday one of the sisters we blocked sent us a note. She found us. Just said "Nice to see you. I write too. Poetry"

I went right to the management of the site and demanded they remove my membership. I joined it when I thought I would be returning to work.

I was quite shaken up by this. A reality check. I have gone for decades without having contact with most of FOO. One I heard from yesterday I dropped after she tore a shred off me when father d**d. Said things that were only half right. I cut her off. At that time when you block someone via email o could still see what they sent and she got mad. Said more things that were as much her as me. And the things she got mad at. I could go on forever but this was a kick in the gut.

Have they all f*ck*ng forgotten why I stopped talking to them? Have they forgotten that I got a $1 from the f*ck*ng father in inheritance while they split the rest? It wasn't a lot but a decent family would have remembered that he was nuts and shared it anyway.

Sometimes I think I should try to reconcile. Not after how I felt yesterday.

RE: Foo connecions - Tangled Web - 01-25-2016

Family connections are hard for us also.......We know that feeling of being kicked in the gut Sad
Sitting with you

RE: Foo connecions - The People - 01-26-2016

Thanks. while you are here can you pack a few boxes?

RE: Foo connecions - Tangled Web - 01-26-2016

um nope sorry can't do it. Absolutely HATE packing..........Wish you luck with it though!

RE: Foo connecions - The People - 01-29-2016

Almost done! Just some clothes left and some things that we still need like coffee pot!