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nobody - The People - 10-19-2015

gives a sh*t. please don't respond that yo do because you are not in my vicinity and you don't even know me. No offense. I live in a major city. I am in crisis. My options are to go to H which is like 5 minutes walk away. Can see it out my window. But they would put me on hold for hours, send me home with pills that I won't take. There is an 800 number that is for people whose baby has diaper rash or Mama is slipping into dementia.

They send everyone to H. If I showed up at H... well I already explained that. watatmess.

RE: nobody - Tangled Web - 10-19-2015

We are so sorry you are in crisis people. We hope you will take care of yourselves and find something safe to hold onto that helps you get through this storm. Sending you blue flowers and sitting with you if you want.

RE: nobody - MakersDozn - 10-23-2015

Hearing you and hoping you find peace.