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So frustrated - finlyalive - 09-29-2015

I have one friend that knows that I have MPD and she hasn't left us. She says she is always there to listen just as we listen to her. But, if we do have something to talk about, it has to be short and once it is discussed, it is supposed to be over. It just doesn't work that way and we can't make her understand that. We appreciate that she tries, but it is so frustrating. Our therapist has no idea how to deal with MPD, but she's giving it her best shop. We have a workbook to work through. There just doesn't seem a way through this puzzle.

RE: So frustrated - nats - 09-29-2015

it can be overwhelming for friends, especially if there is just one, to listen to our stuff on a regular basis. we try to keep things pretty light and general with friends and colleagues, unless we have some way to reciprocate (e.g. if they also have issues to discuss or some way we can support them). with T it should be different and hopefully your T can be a good support.

RE: So frustrated - rainbows - 09-29-2015

Hiya Fin,
AAGGGGHHHH ! ! ! !   Confused  Just had to yell cuz SOOOO FRUSTRATING !
Our T not only had almost no experience with SRA Multie clients, she would never
even try to learn about how to help us.
Even tho we gave her hard copy information as well as support/teaching websites for Ts.
We finally quit going to her. What was the point ?
O we are Hoping you will have Better outcome with your T.
from rainbows

RE: So frustrated - Cammy - 10-21-2015

I have no idea if this is way off base, but when I was diagnosed and later was having problems understanding myself and relating to the world, I found that reading about DID and books written by people with DID like "First Person Plural" seemed to help me a bit. It let in a little light of understanding. I also gave a book to my then friend to help her understand DID better, and it really improved the way she was able to relate to me. I don't know if this would work for you or not, but sometimes having the other person read a book written by a person who has DID can be very useful. Just a suggestion.