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Two defines being multiple - The People - 09-23-2015

"It's when we take turns pretending to be (root person's name)" There was more to it but I forget it because she went off in a different direction.

Oh, she said this wasn't the best thing as she doesn't like(root person) "but what can ya do?"

She has started to be out again which wasn't happening with the chaos we have been through. She did get a new 'color book' of the Minions at the hotel and would discuss it a bit. She still misses the old cats but not the one we had briefly. We hear noises and think it is one of the old cats. Time shift perhaps as they have been gone for a while.

RE: Two defines being multiple - rainbows - 09-24-2015

We like Two's definition.
Sorry that Two misses the old cats.
from rainbows

RE: Two defines being multiple - The People - 09-26-2015

Thanks Rainbow.

RE: Two defines being multiple - MakersDozn - 09-27-2015

Good job, Two. That's what we think too.

We're glad that you enjoy your coloring book.


RE: Two defines being multiple - The People - 09-28-2015

actly it suks a baby bok. but we not hav much chiose at the mal of the hotel. it do have good minion stikers wat we will use. we cuda gone at dolar store but they suk more there. I don't colr much these days. we hava lota colr books but we prafer othr things there. we have a madela colr book are last t givd us. sometimes wen we upset it good tpo go to that one.

bis wanna no you get them growd up colr books. we seed some at that book store there but not get one. I lika look at the secret garden but bigs like book money for read books.