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re moving - The People - 09-19-2015

We have just moved from one corner of hell to another. The place looked good but is a disaster. I should have stayed at the hotel longer and looked at some other places. Overwhelmed is an understatement. The only good thing is that we have lost a few more pounds.

RE: re moving - rainbows - 09-21-2015

O NO ! We are so so Sorry this happened !
Do you have Lease ? Can you get out from there soon ??
O we Hoping you do not hafto stay there.
We also living in very BAD Place but we cannot move
and would do no good even if we could move.
Hoping for you My Friend.
Many Blue Flowers for yous.
from rainbows

RE: re moving - The People - 09-21-2015

No lease but we do not have the energy to move again. We have chronic fatigue on top of all we have been through and we have nothing left to give re the energy it would take to move again. So we will try to make it work.

RE: re moving - rainbows - 09-22-2015

O, that is so Difficult to live with.
This Body has the Fibromyalgia.
SO Unfair, yeh ? We Multies already have such a Difficult life
then we hafto get these illnesses too.
I don't get it.
Anyway, we are Hoping there will be at least one thing yous can
find that is good abt that place you hafto be for awhile.
Hoping you will soon feel Strong enuf again to find a different better place.
from rainbows

RE: re moving - The People - 09-22-2015

Today is a better day in the apartment. The landlord came by. The toilet is fixed and we get a new stove tomorrow. We are slowly unpacking. We will get through it.

RE: re moving - rainbows - 09-24-2015

That is GOOD NEWS !
May it ALL get Better and Better so it will be a Happy, Safe place to be for you all.
from rainbows

RE: re moving - MakersDozn - 09-27-2015

Glad that the toilet is fixed and that you're getting a new stove. Hoping that things continue to improve.


RE: re moving - mosaic - 09-27-2015

just hoping that things will get better for you and that this place will turn out okay.