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Remember me? - The People - 09-05-2015

I cannot remember when I was here last. On the 30th I moved to a new apartment. Yesterday I got abruptly evicted as the apartment has black mold. I was the one who noticed it. I had noted a bad smell when I looked at the place and... log story. I took it anyway. It was a basement ste in a house, probably an illegal one. My last one.

I checked into a hotel. Then today I went to Emergency Services within Social Services and they are paying my hotel until the end of the month to give me time to look around. I am all over the place.

Young Catherine was out a lot yesterday so lots of tears. She always feels like she needs to be the fixer but doesn't have the stamina. Today I am not sure who took over, pushed her out of the way. My hotel is covered until the end of the month. I got a bit of money for food which will be the hardest part. Keeping the meal plan in a decent fashion. I go to look at a place tomorrow at 10:30. Feels like it will not be a good choice based on the fact that the city has been inundated with students this week and it still sits empty. But I have to try.

And eating sh*ttily. I have lost some weight lately and worried that I will put it back on living in a hotel with no cooking facilities. I cannot eat out every meal. I wouldn't want to. I am scared. This will be 6 apartments in 10 years. And BTW I moved out of the last one because of the construction that was going on for 1 1/2 years. Cement building and drills it was like living in a bomb shelter. I don't think I am an easy tenant. I think people rub me raw. I figured this basement ste wold be a good answer and it was a disaster. Will never go that route again. Sad

So I am very overwhelmed.

RE: Remember me? - nats - 09-05-2015

so sorry you're going through this. constant moving is tough and tiring.

RE: Remember me? - mosaic - 09-05-2015

oh man that really stinks. i was so hoping the basement spot would work for you.

i hope you can find a suitable place soon.

RE: Remember me? - Tangled Web - 09-05-2015

So sorry you are going through this. Hope you find a place you can call home soon.

RE: Remember me? - The People - 09-05-2015

I cannot even They thought I was checking out. The fax confirming the room did not go through. I spoke with the emergency person and they confirmed with the desk. It being a long weekend the woman I met with won't be back in her office until Tuesday. This is too stressful.

RE: Remember me? - MakersDozn - 09-06-2015

We're sorry. We hope that you find a new place soon.


RE: Remember me? - Cammy - 09-13-2015

I am so sorry that you are trying to manage SO many stressful things at one time. For us, moving is one of our worst things...just moving alone, so I can't imagine what it is like for you to have to deal with all these other problems on top of it all. Sending you warm and comforting thoughts.