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Returning- Hi! - Melody - 08-26-2015

Im not new but been gone a while. Ive been struggling quite a bit lately and there has been a lot unrest within the system. Just wanted to be around others like me {US}. So...hi.

RE: Returning- Hi! - mosaic - 08-26-2015

hi, welcome back! hope to see you around the boards

RE: Returning- Hi! - Tangled Web - 08-26-2015

Hi Melody. I just sent you an email with a new password in response to your email. Welcome to MM

RE: Returning- Hi! - MakersDozn - 08-27-2015

Welcome back, Melody!


RE: Returning- Hi! - nats - 09-02-2015

welcome back!

RE: Returning- Hi! - Cammy - 09-04-2015

Welcome back Melody. I was away for a long while as well, and I too began to struggle once more with my multiplicity, so like you, I came back to the place where I would be understood and accepted. So welcome home.

RE: Returning- Hi! - The People - 09-05-2015

HI, always nice when people come back when they need to be here.