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Frustrated - sp mentioned but just as settting. - The People - 08-23-2015

My brain does not always function in the way that I would like it to. B/t the DID and the Celiac Disease I think the synapses are like a gumball machine where the one colour you want never comes out. It is frustrating enough.

But what is more frustrating is the way others react to me. I was helping out today and a whole lot went wrong even before we got to the church. I was taking a senior to pick up a cake. She says she told me that a road race was happening. I am quite sure she didn't but why bother arguing. Then she accused me of not checking when we almost got hit. The drivers in this city don't follow the rules of the road so he pulled into the lane beside me after turning the corner. I still do it how I was taught but so many don't. Anyway, I had done a shoulder check which I guess she missed. God bless those who work with seniors. Eve at my best I would never have the patience.

But the worst part was at church. There is one man whose disabilities are obvious. Mine aren't. People get impatient with me while they accept him as is. I don't want to be patted on the head but I do want people to be more patient with me. I was ready to throw something by the time I left today. Thank God I have a legitimate excuse for not going next week.

This is not just church stuff. It is everywhere stuff. I am sorry I am a little slow sometimes. No God didn't' make me this way. A f*ck*d up society did that. Please, this is not about knocking church so I would appreciate that people not go there. It is just people in life.

RE: Frustrated - sp mentioned but just as settting. - MakersDozn - 08-23-2015

Hearing you. We're sorry that you had a frustrating experience. And we agree that it's hard to live in a world where we struggle in ways that aren't easily seen/understood by outsiders.