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It has been good - The People - 08-19-2015

I have come north for a few weeks. Back to the place I called home for over 2 decades. I consider this much more of a homecoming than I ever did when I went to FOO part of the country. It has been a really nice break. A bit of excitement and a walk through some old places that reminded me of ow far I have come. How very ill I was. I am forever grateful for the time I spent here and when I leave here in a few days it will be with a bit of sadness. And a lot of pride.

RE: It has been good - mosaic - 08-19-2015

it's good to be able to recognize how far you've come. i'm glad the visit up north has been overall a positive experience for you.

RE: It has been good - The People - 08-20-2015

The only issue is that I overcooked something in the microwave. Badly. We cannot get the burn smell out of it. Did water in lemon. Nada. Vinegar in water. Helped somewhat but not enough. Leaving it open for a while hoping that it helps. All I can do. ate those kids of screw ups.

RE: It has been good - rainbows - 08-23-2015

We are Glad for you that it was a Good visit.