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Such a hard day - Tangled Web - 08-14-2015

Sometimes especially days like today I really, really, really, really HATE being the team leader at work.
I am supposed to delegate and give direction to my team and keep us working as a team. This wouldn't be a problem IF my TEAM was willing to work as a f*ck*ng TEAM!!!!!!
Yesterday I had one staff member completely lose their sh*t on me and totally went off in front of everyone. Me, trying to remain calm as I felt my blood starting to boil and trying to get control of the situation and act all mature about things..........was failing quickly. I had to report it my boss because of the threats she was making that she was going to so and so and she was going to report this. Then even before work she comes up to the smoke pit and says that she has taken hormone pills today and laughs and I say well does that mean you aren't going to be a b*tch today?
So we have a meeting with my boss to discuss what happens and then this person gets call upstairs to meet with the powers that be. I honestly felt sick. I didn't want to get her in trouble but on the other hand I didn't deserve to be treated the way I was treated either.
So there was NO apology and she took NO responsibility for what she did what so f*ck*n ever!!!!!! UNBELIEVABLE. She says to me well we were both defensive-trying to make it out to be that I actually fought with her! I was the one who was actually able to remain CALM! It took everything I had to do that. THEN the lil b*tch goes and spreads it all over the f*ck*ng building that I reported her and it was my fault to begin with and now my name is MUD!
Got LOVE working with a bunch of f*ck*ng gossiping females. SO pissed off...........

RE: Such a hard day - nats - 08-14-2015

sounds really frustrating TW. sounds like you did what you needed to though.

RE: Such a hard day - mosaic - 08-14-2015

what an awful situation - so sorry you were stuck with that kind of garbage.

RE: Such a hard day - Tangled Web - 08-14-2015

Thanks guys! Not looking forward to going into work today.
The thing is that she goes around talking about me behind my back and I can't do anything about it. That is just something I don't do so people will only hear HER side! I hate when you know you did the right thing but it makes you feel like sh*t. It shouldn't feel that way. Doing the right thing should make you feel good. Wish my vacation started today but have to hang in for one week.

RE: Such a hard day - MakersDozn - 08-14-2015

They may only hear her side, but that doesn't mean that they believe her or respect her.

We hope that things get better for you soon.


RE: Such a hard day - The People - 08-19-2015

You didn't get her into trouble. You were doing your job. She was the one who stepped out of line. One person like that can poison a team. If you didn't do anything you would lose control. Along with reporting her, as you should have done, yu have sent a message to the others that you won't put up with this.