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presentation - mosaic - 08-10-2015

as part of my final project i have to give a 15 minute presentation to the class.

15 minutes?????!!!!!!

i talk slowly and take up maybe 7 minutes. i don't know how i'm going to fill all that time...

it's just like writing papers... they ask for 8-10 pages and i say all i can say and barely fill 7-1/2... i don't have the gift of filling pages (or minutes) with words....

this doesn't bode well for future classes where i know i'll be expected to fill more than just 15 minutes.

thanks for letting me vent.

RE: presentation - nats - 08-11-2015

we personally love it when people take less than their allotted time, b/c most academic presenters tend to go on far too long Wink.

to take a specific amount of time, it's all about how you structure your presentation - much easier if you're using slides, but even with notes. for example, your second slide should list your 2-3 presentation objectives and then organise the rest of your presentation in 2-3 sections each meeting one of those objectives. we used to have the same struggle with talking over half an hour, but it becomes straightforward when you set up your presentation this way.

good luck!!!

RE: presentation - Tangled Web - 08-11-2015

I hated having to present when you had to fill up so much time also-when I realized I could use short video clips to support my topic of discussion it helped ease the stress of it, not sure what your parameters are-power points and slides are also a great. We wanted to wish you good luck though, hope it all goes well for you.

RE: presentation - The People - 08-12-2015

Use examples. I love using analogies when I speak/write. If you can draw personal, funny experience into it that might waste seconds as people laugh. I love public speaking.

RE: presentation - mosaic - 08-13-2015

thanks everyone. this presentation has some pretty strong parameters in terms of how it can be organized etc. and it is not (unfortunately) one in which i can draw in funny personal experiences... if only it were.

the presentation is tonight. wish me luck! i've been practicing it so i can do it without reading it directly from my paper - my powerpoint slides help me know where i'm at - but i'm still taking the paper with me!

RE: presentation - rainbows - 08-13-2015

May your presentation go Way Better than yous ever expected.

from rainbows

RE: presentation - Tangled Web - 08-14-2015

GOOD LUCK mosaic!! You will nail it Smile

RE: presentation - mosaic - 08-14-2015

thanks everyone.

i got through it. hands shaking, voice trembling, mouth going dry...

i used to be able to do presentations... at least i thought i could... but this is a whole 'nother ball game i guess.

RE: presentation - nats - 08-15-2015

well done yous!

RE: presentation - The People - 08-15-2015

That is why you are in this program Mosaic. If you knew how to do everything you would just be handed the piece of paper. Glad you go through it.

RE: presentation - Tangled Web - 08-15-2015

YAY! Great job, we knew you could do it Smile

RE: presentation - MakersDozn - 08-17-2015

Congrats, mosaic!


RE: presentation - rainbows - 08-23-2015

YEAAYY !! We are So Happy for yous !
from rainbows