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Amnesic Barriers - Tangled Web - 08-02-2015

I think we can all agree that having these barriers have helped us survive through the trauma we have had to endure from the hands of others.
As many of you know those barriers hide the forgotten truths AND the others that hold those truths.
As we try to piece together our lives we have to work very hard to try to slowly lower those barriers.
So I guess my question is---How does everyone do that? Is it a conscious thing you do? Ex-do you go seeking for information or people? Is there a safe place inside where “new people” can go when they are ready to be seen or heard? OR is it just a “feeling” you get that someone new is around and they just appear?
How do you try to remove some of the amnesia barriers inside?
How do you investigate or explore your hidden truths?


RE: Amnesic Barriers - The People - 08-02-2015

Usually Two sees them when they are slowly making their way forward. While she is our youngest outside member she is also our attachment to the inside world. And she is accepted most places where she is willing to go. She discusses them with us. Some have come out in T (not attending right now) out of nowhere, do a slam dunk and are gone into hiding gain.

RE: Amnesic Barriers - FreyasSpirit - 08-02-2015

The one time we broke through our 5th grade barrier was when we were exploring "earliest memory". We found a memory from 6th grade before school then once it was found, attempted to experience that memory in first person. The end result was that we brought out the headmate who experienced that memory. Memories appear to be more strongly shared the lesser the temporal distance from the memory so this headmate was able to access some memories of third grade, things like going on a hike and using rocks to try to build a dam in a river.

Our current theory is that once a memory is accessed, all present headmates retain the memory of accessing the memory. As a result, headmates who existed in times temporally close to the memory are more likely to have cofronted with the headmate who experienced the memory and are more likely to have memories of accessing that memory. As a result, our plan is to bring out a headmate from around that time by attempting to experience the memory in first person. Once that headmate is out, we will have the option to explore memories from around that time.

Of course, there are risks involved in digging up stuff which is why we have not done it yet. The method is dangling in front of us, ready to be pounced, but we aren't ready yet. Once we are in a more stable headspace, we plan to poke at elementary school in this manner.

RE: Amnesic Barriers - MakersDozn - 08-03-2015

We just saw the movie "Inside Out." As expected, there are a lot of parallels between the movie characters and a multiple system.

Our system has a communal memory bank that anyone inside can access. Of course, not every memory needs to be accessed or should be accessed, but they're all there.

Individual members of our system have memory gaps, because none of us is at or near the front all the time. ~Light~ and Gideon may be the exception, as they're higher beings and gatekeepers of sorts. They always work together.

But while all of us have memory gaps as individuals, all of us together contribute to the collective memory bank. And that's how it ends up being complete.

We hope that we've explained this clearly.


RE: Amnesic Barriers - nats - 08-04-2015

there were a lot of similarities weren't there!? thought when watching the film that it could as easily be describing aspects of a multiple system as what it was actually supposed to be about.

RE: Amnesic Barriers - Cammy - 08-13-2015

When I saw the trailer for that movie I vowed not to go and see it. I actually thought that it was going to be triggering in one way or another. Even the trailer seemed to me to clearly depict a day in the life of me, with all my parts discussing things with each other and some vying for control in specific situations. The movie seemed so eerily D.I.D. to me that in a way I honestly wished they had used it to educate people on what it is like to live as a multiple.

As to amnesia barriers...I have found that when my mind is ready/strong enough to handle the hidden information, it starts to leak out on its own. My husband has a ten year gap in his memory, and only lately have tiny bits and pieces started to become visible. He had to be in a secure situation before he could even begin to handle the past. I know that it is possible with an experienced therapist to access these memories, but only a therapist trained in DID can be trusted to do it carefully. In some cases, the therapist will not go there at all knowing that it will do more harm than good. I have only heard (and myself used) Mindful Meditation in allowing the memories to surface on their own when I am ready for them, and then using the meditation to allow them to fade and become harmless. This should not be attempted without proper training and understanding of the technique.

RE: Amnesic Barriers - rainbows - 08-13-2015

For us, it is sometimes a feeling first. If we can find no reason for us to feel that at the time, then we ask Inside
if there is anyone who wants to come Forward.Then the Part will make themself known and we ask what is troubling them,what is
it we can do to help. And then an Older Part will take them under their "wing " to take care of the newly known Part so they
need not be scared and will know they are Loved and Accepted no matter what.
They can choose a new name if they want, ( some had names like "Ugly Stupid Thing" and " Dustbin " )
and can go to the giant Shopping Mall we have Inside, with a Limitless Credit Card
that never has to be paid cuz some have dirty torn clothing and some have never had toys etc.
We shower them with Loving Care cuz the never have known this.
sorry...think we got to rambling......
from rainbows

RE: Amnesic Barriers - MakersDozn - 08-17-2015

That sounds very welcoming and supportive, rainbows. Thanks for sharing.