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Hi Its Me rainbows - rainbows - 07-31-2015

Hello to All !
We have missed coming here. Looks so different now.
Wonder if anyone remembers us. 
We stayed away cuz Grieving. 5 yrs of Grieving !
Did not know if we would ever be ok again.
Was really bad but ok now.

Wishing All a Lovely Day ! Smile
from rainbows 

RE: Hi Its Me rainbows - nats - 07-31-2015

hi rainbows, welcome back to MM. we're glad to see you again Smile!

glad you're feeling better and hope you like the new site!

RE: Hi Its Me rainbows - MakersDozn - 07-31-2015

Welcome back, rainbows. Smile

Good to see you. Glad that you're doing better.


RE: Hi Its Me rainbows - The People - 08-01-2015

Good to see you Rainbows. Glad to have you back,

RE: Hi Its Me rainbows - Tangled Web - 08-01-2015

Welcome back rainbows, glad things have are getting better for you Smile

RE: Hi Its Me rainbows - rainbows - 08-01-2015

It is So Good to be here again. I have missed everyone.

Wishing ALL Happy Smiles today !
from rainbows