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Landlord issues - The People - 07-16-2015

So wish I was rich enough to own my own place and hire people to look after it for me.

I signed the lease for this place 1 1/2 years ago. Very happy at first. Well after adjustment. Then July came and renovations started. It is a 10 story cement building. 1 of 2 elevators has been down since I moved in.

Now all of this is not planned overnight. They ended last fall when it was too cold to work. But got started this spring and it was extremely horrible. One day I had 2 important calls to make. Had to get into my car and drive around the block in order to hear myself.

Landlord is a nice guy but as another tenant stated, he does nothing. Yes he puts out fires but if he put things into place there wouldn't be fires to put out.

He knew I wasn't working when I moved in. I wrote and told him that I would not have moved in had he told me all of this was happening. He said nothing. It got worse. Affecting my sleep, my state of mind... So I wrote the head office. Their response? Move out and we will give back all DD and won't ding you for breaking contract. My reply was to ask if they would also pay for my move. No response.

So now LL's girlfriend is pissed with me as she is very protective of him. Some inside feel guilty for us getting so angry about it. They want to try to explain. Give them a gift card to go out for a drink or something. HUH? I feel that we are justified in our anger. Doctor noticed a huge slide in our mood and thought it was just because of no cats. We finally were able to write it all out. (Wonderful doctor)

I hate being hated. I hate feeling guilty for standing up for myself. I hate feeling unsafe in my own home. The big projects have stopped for now but there will be continuous work around the building followed by what will probably be a huge rent increase to cover expenses. Oh I also old them that last increase was unfair considering the fact that we were living in hell. Because I am sure that, if there is hell, it sounds a lot like this place did. I was not the only one complaining.

RE: Landlord issues - MakersDozn - 07-17-2015

We hear you, and we're sorry you're going through this.

I hate being hated. I hate feeling guilty for standing up for myself. I hate feeling unsafe in my own home.

We empathize and relate to this. And we hope that things get better for you soon.


RE: Landlord issues - mosaic - 07-17-2015

it really sounds awful.

it stinks that sometimes standing up for yourself gets such a negative response. like MDs, we hope things get better for you soon.