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she not coming aday - The People - 07-12-2015

si=o mad mad ad. i esited of we geta new kitte figer we can get her this day. now not tall this tusday. mad mad mad. bigs say we havta clen mesy partment anaways but i still dispaointed. she ornge witelike grey kitte patern. shea gril wat we like betr. her momy lergic.

RE: she not coming aday - The People - 07-12-2015

But we get minions book from safeway there. fror litels ere ut jr edition and bigs red to us eak halp som.

RE: she not coming aday - MakersDozn - 07-15-2015

Sorry your new kitty isn't coming until later. We're interested in seeing the Minions movie, although we didn't see the other movie that they were in. But we want to see "Inside Out" first.