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is it just me - The People - 06-20-2015

or has chatter on the boards picked up again? New faces. Old ones coming back... nice to come here and see that there has been conversation since out last visit. Guess we are doing something right! Or techies are anyway. And IMO the more chatter there is the more it will increase. Newbies like to see this in order to find their place IMO.

RE: is it just me - MakersDozn - 06-21-2015

Agreed. It's gratifying to see people come here (or come back here) and connect with the community.


RE: is it just me - Cammy - 07-29-2015

Yes, I have been gone for quite a while...mostly because my system was so stable. Now that I am switching more frequently, I come back here like a homing pigeon...back to a place where I am understood and feel safe discussing my multiplicity. Thank goodness for MM!

RE: is it just me - MakersDozn - 07-30-2015

Glad to see you back, Igraine. We hope that MM can be seen as a place that's not only a source of support during the challenging times, but also as a source of friendship and community during the good times.