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we riteagan it disaper - The People - 06-17-2015

we jest fine;ly get to woch frozen. it on place on inernet wat is free call popcprn time. anaways i so pretty. ad bigs thinkabot stugg but i did like her close the litel sister one. an i wuld like to here there here a frend like olaf! haha.

it niser to woch kid moves at home couse i get to tok out loud not havta wery dasterb peoples.

let it go let it go snow naver bothr me anaways.

RE: we riteagan it disaper - Tangled Web - 06-17-2015

That is AWESOME! Frozen has become our most favourite Disney EVER! I am so glad you were finally able to see it Smile

RE: we riteagan it disaper - The People - 06-19-2015


That was Two writing. Thus the great spelling. Progress however as she never used to be able to write. There is so much meaning in i the story. About what people teach their children about special gifts that they have. Fearing them instead of controlling them and using them in good ways. The wall the older sister created around herself out of fear. Isolating herself in a castle of ice. That is what realy spoke to me.

And the falling in love part! How the younger sister thought she was in love with a man she didn't even know. Yes I believe it is now our favorite movie too. We have waited so long to be able to see it as it is impossible to rent movies anymore. We don't buy them.

RE: we riteagan it disaper - Tangled Web - 06-19-2015

I think Two did a wonderful job trying to write Smile!
A lot of things hit home for us on all different levels but the strongest one was when she felt she had to keep her gift her hidden to protect everyone. That is how we have lived our entire life--Don't let them see, be the good girl you always have to be, conceal, don't feel...........don't let them in. It was incredibly well done!!!

RE: we riteagan it disaper - The People - 06-19-2015

And it was so nice that the waifish little princess didn't have to sit and wait for the prince to come and save her like in the other ones.

Have you seen one that I think is called Brave? A bunch of little red headed Scottish kids and the oldest is a girl who doesn't want to be a typicalgirl. Also good messages in it and much enjoyed.

RE: we riteagan it disaper - Tangled Web - 06-20-2015

Yes I have seen that one also. I agree it has good messages in it. I have only seen it once and will have to watch it again. Our T actually bought us that movie for something. Can't remember if it was for bday or xmas.

RE: we riteagan it disaper - Tangled Web - 06-20-2015

Tangled has now moved into our most 2nd favourite movie. When she finally leaves the tower and says this is the BEST DAY EVER! and then switches to how she is such a horrible person............The conflict there is so very familiar and makes me laugh. It reminds us of us so much.