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Can you say - The People - 05-17-2015

Whoop *ss! Canada just won the 10th of 10 games beating Russia 6-1. Gold medal. 3/3 Olympics, juniors and now this. Canada and Russia have been challenging each other since I was in high school so this is a huge win for us. Their only goal was minutes away from the end of the game.


RE: Can you say - MakersDozn - 05-17-2015

Cool. Too bad Montreal didn't win the playoff series against Tampa, though. We would have loved to have seen an Original Six matchup where the Rangers would be playing them now.


RE: Can you say - The People - 05-18-2015

Yup! I saw a shirt in Vancouver that had the logos of the original 6 on it. I would have bought it but too much money. While the American teams are filled with Canadian players because they can pay more and it isn't as cold it is still a Canadian game when you look at the good players. It is sad for us though. Even die hard Toronto fans are giving up whereas 10 years ago there wouldn't be an empty seat in the house. Of course, this was when more people had good jobs and a few extra bucks for things like games.