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PDoc sided with me re T - The People - 04-28-2015

I wasn't sure how my pdoc would feel about my choosing to stop T but she agreed with me that it was a good decision. I have been at this for almost 30 years and I need to go my own way. I don't know if this means I will never see a T again. I see Pdoc every 2 weeks and she gives me about 45 minutes or less depending on what is happening. She is not an expert on multies Specializes in ED.

I have chosen not to do a final appointment with T. Long story but we are tired of it all and just want it done. I actually feel stronger having made the decision. She is a nice woman it was just not a good fit.

RE: PDoc sided with me re T - mosaic - 04-28-2015

it's nice to get support for your decision. we are not in T now either. sometimes we miss it, but what we miss is the T from when we lived in Colorado, not the T we had here.

RE: PDoc sided with me re T - MakersDozn - 04-28-2015

The People,

Glad you got validation from your pdoc. And we understand about not wanting to do a final session with the T. You're doing what you need to do to take care of yourselves.


RE: PDoc sided with me re T - cew - 04-29-2015

Thirty years sounds like a long time. I admire your courage and perseverance. It sounds also like you have reached a place of self acceptance and awareness that can support your decision.

RE: PDoc sided with me re T - nats - 04-29-2015

cew makes a very good point. it takes a lot of courage and determination to have done this for so many years. congratulations for reaching the stage where you are!

RE: PDoc sided with me re T - The People - 04-30-2015

Thanks so much everybody. I think what I have come to accept is that I will always be multiple, there will always be good days and bad and there will always be new flashbacks. And perhaps the occasional new self who drops by. I don't think anyone could bring me further than I have come, especially not someone who has dozed off during sessions.

What I need to do is find a project (along with my writing) that will give me a sense of purpose. It is amazing how hard that is. Many of the places here have volunteer coordinators who are like 24, just out of college and perhaps in their first job. They don't get the fact that a woman in her mid-fifties will be more aware of her strengths and less patient with their forgetfulness. And that sometimes she just might know more than they do.