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Finished with T - The People - 04-26-2015

We got really frustrated with T at around the time kitty stuff was happening. We emailed her before going out of town as she had promised us our tax form at the end of Feb and taxes are due by Apr 30th. Still don't have it. We were very frustrated. We misspoke, stating that we didn't think she had enough time for us. We went away and came back to no receipt and no appointment in between. Not a word from her.

We just sent another email clarifying that we should have said "no energy" as opposed to "no time." We thanked her for what she has done, said it felt like we hit a wall and that I need a break from therapy anyway. Our family doctor has something planned for us that we are not thrilled with and we could say no but.... a good doctor is hard to find around here and I don't want him firing us as a patient.

RE: Finished with T - nats - 04-26-2015

sounds frustrating. hope you get a chance for a proper conversation with T.

RE: Finished with T - mosaic - 04-26-2015

echoing nats, that sounds very frustrating.

hope having a break from T can give you some space to figure out where you want to go.