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Between parts - cew - 04-03-2015

I'm totally new here.
Hoping for some help getting through certain DID moments and things.
Right now, feeling at sea, between parts, nowhere in particular. Lost. It's like, without crisis, my system doesn't know how to live. Objectively, my life is amazing. But, my parts are like, "hey, give us a fire to put out. What the hell is this boring, okayness?"

Don't get me wrong. I feel grateful for all the amazing circumstances of my life. I have gratitude for my blessings. I'm just unable to set a course based on something internal that is not survival oriented. And I am completely unable to ascertain what I might like or enjoy. It is like my purpose is to meet the needs of other people so profoundly that "I' do not even exist.

Anyone relate to this?

RE: Between parts - Blue - 04-04-2015

Welcome Cew!!
Being lost in a crisis can be very time consuming, + although it's a v difficult n disturbing time, whn it comes 2 an end it can sometimes leave ppl feelin a loss of purpose + unsure wht their role is.
It can be a gd opportunity 2 do a lot of experimenting 2 find wht works best for all. There may be quite a few conflicting opinions, but workin 2gether 2 seek out your interests, by trying out different activities cld possibly be a way forward?? Sometimes after dealing with crisis 4 long periods, the fun that life can bring is sadly forgotten. But experimenting 2 remind every1 how fun life can be, can also be an exciting process in itself.
Also, if 1 of your strengths is helpin others, have ya thought about volunteering 2 help others??
Just a few ideas.
Hope yous manage 2 find wht's right 4u.

Cheers, Blue (from UK)

RE: Between parts - nats - 04-05-2015

hi cew,
welcome! living without a crisis can be a lot harder than living through one if that's what you've grown to be comfortable/familiar with. it's a lot harder to just 'be'. this is probably why you see so many people constantly creating drama and crises in their lives. not doing that takes time, conscious effort, and practice..

RE: Between parts - cew - 04-06-2015

Hi Blue,
Thank you for recommending experimenting and trying new things. I am doing that and we talked about that in therapy today. And, yes, I have been thinking about volunteering! In the past, volunteer work has been deeply satisfying.
Great suggestions!

Believe me, I have no interest in seeking drama or crisis; I'm just blown away by the experience of not being in crisis. It's totally unfamiliar. The idea that I can be safe is new and i'm learning to be with it.

Many thanks,

RE: Between parts - Blue - 04-10-2015

Great tht ya feelin safe Cew. Gd to hear.
Glad ya experimenting. Hopin it'll being fun for all in ur system.
Enjoy Smile