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Been a long time, so hello. - Dreamscapes Collectives - 04-02-2015

It has roughly been about a year and a half since we last came around. Lots of stuff been going on. But we figured we would come poke our heads in and say hi. See who's still around and here, is anyone remembers us. We've posted under the names The Realms Collective most often in the past, changed our system name last time we registered to reflect the ever growing changes and try to make more people feel welcome to post. Have lately really felt the need to talk to other multis about things and as we've usually had good experiences at MM in the past, figured we'd come say hi and try again.

You'll have to forgive us if we don't sign names for now. It's not so much because we don't want to as that we're still sorting things out from the chaos and sheer hell of the last year and since the system had been pretty much shut down in a lot of ways until about a month ago, we're still trying to figure out who's who again. So we'll sign things "the RFC" for now (which stands for Realms Fronting Contingent) unless it happens to be someone from one of the other collectives in our system.

The RFC (mostly)

RE: Been a long time, so hello. - mosaic - 04-02-2015

it's good to see you! sorry to hear that things have been so rough over the last year or so. we look forward to seeing you around the boards more.

RE: Been a long time, so hello. - MakersDozn - 04-02-2015

We're glad to see you as well. And we're sorry that things have been difficult. We also replied to your message on Steam.


RE: Been a long time, so hello. - nats - 04-02-2015

great to see you guys!!!

RE: Been a long time, so hello. - The People - 04-02-2015

Welcome home! So nice to see an old name pop up. Sorry the last year has been tough but so happy that you thought of us when you needed a place where you would be welcomed!

RE: Been a long time, so hello. - orek - 04-03-2015

Hi, RFC and all! Good to see you back here again. Hope we can support you in the way you're needing and wanting. Sorry it's been shut down and hard. Sad

RE: Been a long time, so hello. - Dreamscapes Collectives - 04-03-2015

-smiles shyly and waves-

it always seems to surprise us when people remember us. thanks all for the welcome back. it means a lot to many of us.


RE: Been a long time, so hello. - Tangled Web - 04-05-2015

We wanted to say welcome back also. We remember you, it was our conversations with Olivia that kept us coming back when you were on the old boards. I am glad you have returned.