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Good News!!! - Tangled Web - 03-17-2015

Today I was informed that we had won the Above and Beyond award at work along with 3 other people we work with. This is at a corporate level and is a pretty big deal. I don't know who nominated us yet but I was surprised and grateful. It feels great to be recognized for some things we do. The prize is 500 dollars that will be split between us and 3 other people plus there is an award ceremony on 23rd of April at head office. This tradition is held every year and it is for all the long term care homes that the company owns which I believe is 7 or 9 now. Any ways it is a great honour to win such an award. PLUS as an added bonus......I texted a person who was also one of the people who won to let her know and tell her congrats. She works at another home now owned by the company in a different city and she is insisting on giving me her share of the prize money because of everything we do. She states she just got the ball rolling but without me this wouldn't have happened. I thought that was so generous of her and tried to convince her to take the money but she won't. Any ways today was a great day and we are feeling pretty good about this!

RE: Good News!!! - The People - 03-18-2015

That is good news! And you must go above and beyond in your job for people to hold you in such high esteem!

RE: Good News!!! - nats - 03-18-2015

oooh, congratulations!!! well done!!!!

RE: Good News!!! - mosaic - 03-18-2015

that is wonderful news, TW. Congratulations!

RE: Good News!!! - Tangled Web - 03-18-2015

Thanks guys! This is absolutely amazing and I am so glad. It feels so good to be to recognized for the things we have done. Does that make us conceded? I must admit it feels a little weird to want to celebrate and brag about this but it is a huge deal..........and I think that it is something we should celebrate!

RE: Good News!!! - The People - 03-18-2015

It is not at all conceited to celebrate our good things. We deserve it!