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loss - Tangled Web - 03-11-2015

I think this is the feeling I am feeling........
Recently someone found me on face book. Someone I used to know over 25 years ago. I didn't keep my maiden name after I got divorced, I kept my married name so had to be hard to find me and I wanted it that way.
We used to live in a group home and this is where we met this person. They want to have a reunion. This place was the only place where I have ever felt love and part of a family. I lost that feeling when I had aged out and had to move. I don't think I can reopen that up again. It hurts a lot.

RE: loss - nats - 03-12-2015

it does hurt. identifying and accepting that is part of healing. what you decide to do about this is also part of healing. sending you blue flowers..

RE: loss - Tangled Web - 03-12-2015

Thanks nats

RE: loss - The People - 03-22-2015

That would be a tough call. How fortunate for you that you found a place where you found love. It may be a while back but obviously it impacted you greatly as it would any of us I am sure. You don't have to decide today as to whether you will respond. Or meet her or whatever. I wish you well in making this decision.

RE: loss - Tangled Web - 03-23-2015

Thanks. I did respond and have chatted a couple of times with her on face book.
The problem with this for us and I constantly hear inside my can't go back. Things have changed and you can't go back. BUT the thing is that the people who lived there inside are still those same people and expect things to be the same that is why we can't go back. They didn't grow with the time that has passed. And they want to go back-but what they would be going back to is completely different than what is now. Maybe that is why we never go back........try to never look back.........