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T tomorrow - The People - 03-11-2015

I see T every 2 weeks for 90 minutes. Last session was not a good one and when we got home someone got really mad and told her so. Well we were mad before we left. So of course we are worried about going tomorrow because she has responded to absolutely no emails. We didn't write anything for the first week but started to pick up. Then kitty started slipping so it has been a mixed bag 2 weeks. Worried that we will get there and she will fire us.

Sometimes we think she is great and sometimes we think we are talking 2 different conversations or she doesn't get us. But not ready to be fired. Even though I think we were right, just wrong tone.

RE: T tomorrow - The People - 03-12-2015

She never mentioned last appointment. I think she has been talking to somebody. It was an uncomfortable session but we stuck with it.

RE: T tomorrow - Tangled Web - 03-12-2015

Glad you stuck with. I hate sessions like that where you don't really know what you will be walking into. Glad you went though.

RE: T tomorrow - The People - 03-18-2015

Thanks. We have been at this long enough that we know there will be days like that. Once upon a time it would have taken us weeks to go back. I sensed that T recognize that she messed up although she said nothing about it. She ws the one walking on eggs.

RE: T tomorrow - orek - 03-22-2015

Oh, man. I'm glad she didn't fire you. A T should be able to handle anger and not fire as long as physical threat or violence doesn't ensue. We had a counselor fire us for leaving an angry v/m. We were right to be angry but didn't express it well. Well, doi. What survivor in therapy does? That really messed us up. She had other problems, too, and even though we grovelled and went back for a while, we eventually stopped seeing her. It's too bad your t didn't just talk directly about it and instead was "walking on eggshells." If T's can't handle conflict in a healthy manner and model that for us, then wtf?

RE: T tomorrow - The People - 03-23-2015

f*ck that sh*t! If we got fired every time one of us got angry... And I think, despite how we said things she recognized that SHE was wrong. That what she said was stupid. I don't talk to her but some others do. Sometimes she seems good but other times we wonder if she knows what she is doing. Different training from last T.

If that T couldn't handle some anger on the phone she shouldn't be a T. Well unless you threatened her which isn't cool.


RE: T tomorrow - orek - 03-25-2015

Hola KA. Nah we didn't threat her at all. She just got all Christiany pious and "sorrowful" over our supposed f*ck*n' ingratitude. WTF?? Yah, she was a Christian counselor and not certified with any state. Ain't makin' that mistake again... though she was the first one to recognize that we insiders were there. *shrug* I totally agree. If a T is spineless enough not to handle anger, then they shouldn't be a f*ck*n' T. They should just be a life coach or something, make sure they don't have to face anything messy or unpleasant. Don't know about our current T yet, but so far she's a'ight. Think she'll handle anger. I'm sure we'll find out eventually. Tongue--davis

RE: T tomorrow - Blue - 04-02-2015

Makes us feel sad to hear bout so many people havin probs with their therapists. But also makes us feel lucky + privileged to have such a great T, only havin to worry bout how difficult the session might be, rather than how our t is gonna behave. It feels awful to me cos I feel it's so unfair. Y shld we have such a brill t whn so many others ain't? I s'pose the consolation is tht we wn't be able to see our t for much longer, cos she's provided free by our National Health Service (NHS), whereas I'm presumin mosta yous r in USA, where ya don't have NHS, so at least, if ya end up managing to find a gd t, I'm presuming ya can see em for as long as ya want.

RE: T tomorrow - orek - 04-03-2015

Blue, yes and no. Harder to find/see a good T here unless you have either plenty of money or good insurance, which most people here don't.... or didn't before the Affordable Health Care Act. I didn't have a job with good insurance until I was 40, so my therapy and therapist choices were very limited and restrictive. Even with insurance the insurance company has their fingers in the mix and can dictate how much/how long, etc. Overall it seems there is better access for MH than what it seems you Brits have, but I could be wrong.

RE: T tomorrow - The People - 04-03-2015

Blue PM'd you. This was a fist so can you please let me know if it arrives?

RE: T tomorrow - Blue - 04-10-2015

Hiya Orek,
Seems like there's positives + negatives of MH services in both USA + UK. But yea, it prob is much more difficult to access services in UK. It's slowly improvin tho. Esp since we introduced Peer Support Workers (support workers with lived experience) over the last few yrs,( which has also opened up the job role I'm currently in, after our system bein outta work for 15 yrs).

The People,
Received ya msg + replied Smile