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Off switch - Allofus11plus - 02-23-2015

I wish there was an off button for all these flashbacks. They are way to intense and are flooding my mind and I feel like I'm loosing it. All I do is sleep and isolate I just wish the memories would stop!!

Lisa and the rest

RE: Off switch - The People - 02-23-2015

I wish I could say they do but for us it was about learning to control them. We could have one with a client sitting in the office and just keep going. Some of the things we have done are journaling, using pictures as well as words. Having special music that sooths us. If you like animals having a pet has been a huge part of our journey. They taught us what love felt like. We stay away from TV shows that trigger. And keep talking, here and with your T. By listening and asking there will be new things that you will figure out for yourself that help. And as our first post dx T told us, there is nothing in the flashbacks that we didn't already go through. Still sucks but it is true.

RE: Off switch - MakersDozn - 02-23-2015

Hi Lisa,

Welcome to the forums. We're glad that you've joined us.

We understand flashbacks. For us, we don't necessarily remember events, but the feelings that accompanied them. It is tempting to sleep and isolate, and we've been known to give in to that temptation.

Do you have a T? What does he or she suggest? Also, The People's ideas are very good ones.


RE: Off switch - Tangled Web - 02-23-2015

Hi Lisa,
We isolate also when things get tough for us. Things that help ground us is making sure we can feel the floor under our feet. Also holding onto a ice cube and feeling the cold used to work for us also. I would walk around my home and repeat to myself over and over that we are safe. We are in my home and we are safe and focus on things in our home to remind us we are home-in our own home. Hope things improve for you soon and you can get a break. Please be gentle with yourselves.

RE: Off switch - Allofus11plus - 02-23-2015

The hard thing is that I see my abusers all the time as I still live at home ? I do have grounding techniques but it is just getting harder and harder not to dissociate and be brought back to the trauma time again. I am just in so much pain and I don't know what to do. I meet with my T today but I'm just lost and each day it is continually getting harder to keep going on.


RE: Off switch - Allofus11plus - 02-23-2015

Thank you all for the support I really appreciate it. I feel like I can talk to people who can truly understand what I a going through.

RE: Off switch - nats - 02-24-2015

it's especially tough if you still live with them. could some of it be insiders trying to protect you or themselves?

RE: Off switch - Allofus11plus - 02-25-2015

Yes rashi is the one who pushes everyone and everything away so it won't hurt us. He has been destroying my relationships with my support system that's already small. I just don't know if I can keep fighting him. I'm just done with everything I want to isolate and just not interact with anything it's too hard I'm not strong enough like people think. I can't do this