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Updating profile - Blue - 02-17-2015

Been tryin to update profile, but every time I try to submit, it keeps tellin me to choose a valid date of birth privacy setting. Then whn I click on the DOB privacy box nothing happens. I've tried removing the date of birth all together, as it says it's optional. But nothing helps. Plz help!! Smile

RE: Updating profile - MakersDozn - 02-17-2015

Hi Blue,

We're sorry about the technical problems. If you'd like us to try to help resolve this, please let us know what information you'd like changed, and we can try it on the admin side. If you don't want to give details here, you can email us at community (at)

MDs, MM Admin

RE: Updating profile - Blue - 02-21-2015

Ok cheers MDs. Just wntd 2 change the back ground info to...
We have 11 insiders + our host /root person. 4 of which're under the age of 10, 3 are teenagers, n the rest adults.
My role is protector and I host the majority of the time at the moment as our system is currently in turmoil.
However, we have achieved a lot n progressed immensely. We remind ourselves of this daily n look to the future knowin that life has sunshine as well as rain, n you have to pass thru the storm to witness the rainbow.
Life is too short; live n let live.

RE: Updating profile - MakersDozn - 02-22-2015

Hi Blue,

We were able to make the change from the admin side. Have a look. Smile

Not sure why you were having trouble earlier.


RE: Updating profile - Blue - 03-01-2015

Thanx MDs