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Exhausted! - The People - 02-15-2015

I got up the nerve to ask a friend to come over and help me rearrange my apartment for the purpose of air flow. It does look good but I had to sidestep questions about kiddy toys and other things. She is good about not pusing along that line but went to town on my place. After she left I did a little more and vacuumed. Kitty has now come out from hiding and we are going for a nap.

Stressful day. Having people in my home.

RE: Exhausted! - MakersDozn - 02-15-2015

Congrats! We've been wanting to get rid of a number of things that we no longer need. It's daunting, though. Good for you for accomplishing what you did.


RE: Exhausted! - The People - 02-19-2015

The friend recommended choosing one thing at a time which we have sort of been doing. Her clean up helped us to realize that someone stole our new pants when we left clothes in the laundry room for days after Christmas.