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Regression - Blue - 02-02-2015

Hiya all. Hope every1 is doin as well as can be. I ain't sure if I'm posting on the rite forum 4 this subject, so if I'm wrong , then I apologise.
Our system has been workin on "givin back" the memories we hold to our host, in therapy. We've tended to find that with each memory our host has "recovered", she's "disappeared" for a short period of time eg. A fortnight. However, in Aug last yr, she received wht we believe 2b the "worst" memory. She disappeared like b4, but thn summit odd happened. We now have a lil girl inside who we believe (n our t believes) is our host regressed. And recently she also seems 2 ave become a slider.
I've heard of hosts bein stuck inside at a certain age, but never of them being regressed. I also dn't know a lot about sliders. If any1 has any info tht cld be useful it'd be much appreciated.
Cheers, Blue.

RE: Regression - The People - 02-02-2015

We don't use the word host but our root person went inside at body age 15snd seldom comes out. We do have at least 1 slider though. One of them wrote here last night for the first time. We don't know much about her, but I guess her age changes according to what is going on. Her name is Fear, for self explanatory reasons. So I guess how afraid she is dictates what age she is at. Also what she is dealing with changes that. She too stays inside most of the time so we don't know a lot about her. Not much info but I hope it helps.

RE: Regression - MakersDozn - 02-03-2015

Good to see you back, Blue.

We have several sliders. Some slide for what seems like a negative reason; others slide to feel stronger or more empowered. The former usually means sliding younger, and the latter usually means sliding older, but not always.

Most of our sliders have a base age or default age that they slide back to in the absence of triggers. Rarely do they stay away from their base age for long.

Regression....we find that the path of healing is sometimes two steps forward and one step back, or some variation. It's rarely smooth. But we've never had anyone regress permanently. It may take a while for them to move forward, which may *seem* like regression, but eventually they work on what they need to work on.

If the rest of the system keeps working, the ones who struggle eventually feel the ripples of the other folks' progress. It's this thought that keeps us moving forward.


RE: Regression - Blue - 02-13-2015

Cheers for the info The People + MDs.
Our host /root person 1st regressed to age 8, which's the time period of the memory she had jus received. She seemed to stay at tht age for months, but is now sliding between teenage yrs n early 20s (the body is 31) n thn back to age 8. She's v tearful n frightened in all these states n doesn't seem to remember bein the other ages. Also whn she's 8,she usually refuses to speak (even tho we know she can). She does speak whn she's older, but is v confused as to wht's happenin, as she believes she is still in the time period of whichever age she's at.

RE: Regression - The People - 02-14-2015

Are you quite positive this is the host and not some new alters coming forward? It might explain the confusion re time.

RE: Regression - Blue - 02-17-2015

There's several reasons y our system + our t believe she's our host. We're 99% sure she is.
B4 she disappeared our system had progressed 2 a stage where all of us insiders can see wht's happenin in the hostin position from inside n also see inside from the hostin position. However, our host cldn't. This slider cn't either.
At every age she slides to, she looks exactly as the body did at tht age (even dwn 2 the type of clothing she's wearin), whereas, 4 our system, tht doesn't fit with how any insiders look (none of us look like her).
We have a dog inside (due 2 a memory). The dog is wht our t believes 2b a representation of the dog our host used 2 have 2 help her with anxiety. This slider clings 2 the dog inside + wn't let it out of her sight.
She also now seems 2b goin thru each of our memories dependin on which age she is, almost as if she's tryin 2 process them all. This's also affecting us with flashbacks n intrusive thoughts n makin triggers worse.
There r a few other reasons we believe she's the host 2, but they're difficult 2 explain without goin in2 a great deal of detail.