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Mean people - The People - 02-02-2015

Today we were at a grocery store. There is a lazy man who is supposed to be security but we could outrun him with a bad toe. And he is rude.

As we walked there we were thinking about old stuff so the head was already twitching on the inside. We were just going to leave the store when this security guy starts talking in a mocking voice. We looked over in the same direction he was and a man that might have tourettes was coming in. We have seen the man before and it is hard when you want quiet but he can't help himself. We worked with some with that or other challenges as elders call them.

The man couldn't hear what was being said about him but it really upset the bigs anyway. She called the manager aside and told him what was happening. because the head was already spinning she was almost crying when she talked about it. we get pretty upset when people are picked on. Because we know how it feels.

We came home and a guy who has ADHD or something was ranting because the lock gets stuck on the door plus we got sick all we and left our laundry in the LR for days. Bigs tried to be nice but voice got louder when he didn't shut up. Then hey felt like they were mean too. Bad night.

RE: Mean people - nats - 02-02-2015

Triggery people are hard to be kind to, but good for your bigs for sticking up for someone who couldn't stick up for himself :-).

RE: Mean people - MakersDozn - 02-03-2015

The People,

Our second brother has Tourette's. Thank you for what you did.


RE: Mean people - The People - 02-06-2015

Smile I sometimes look back at times like this and feel like am also looking after us, protecting ourselves from bullies. Saying or doing things that we never had the courage to do in our teens when things were bad both at home and at school.