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Just for fun - The People - 01-24-2015

I think the majority of us have had bad T experiences. I have yet to hear someone say they are on the same T they started with and everything has been perfect. Some have been lucky but some of us... well the search caused us to hit a few bumps in the road. I am going to write down a few incidents that horrified me at the tie but crack me up now.

- The first T I met in private counselling sent up flares when I spoke to her on the phone. I was desperate however and went anyway. Session 1 was confusing. In session 2 she asked me what I liked to do to relax. I mentioned that I liked to read in the tub. Her response to a client she just met? "We have a tub here!" Run Castle Run! Imagine using your T time to take a bath? Imagine taking a bath in the office (converted house) of a woman you don't even know but who knows you have a history of abuse! Yes, horrid. But funny!

- We saw a T who had the word Owl in her 1 woman office title. No problem. Until I got there and all 4 walls were covered with owls. Everything from salt shakers to the size of an infant. Imagine all of these eyes staring back at you as you were trying to talk! She lasted 2 sessions too. Not just because of the owls but they didn't help. Smile

RE: Just for fun - orek - 01-25-2015

LMAO! Omigod, I'm so glad I hadn't just taken a sip of coffee when I got to the tub bit followed by the "Run Castle Run!" That.... is disturbing. But time + tragedy and all that. And Owl Woman? Oh dear.

I only recall fainting once in my life, and that was in 8th grade when I had such a terrible stomach virus and fever that I fainted after throwing up in the BR as I headed down the hall back to the bedroom---until Therapist Jack. At the time I was seeking help for my ED, and the forms I had to fill out before going to this T would have put Scientology to shame. I don't recall anything about the actual first (or second) session, but as I got up to leave he hugged me. A new client! And I mean, it was bear hug. So I did what any surprised and horrified, trapped client would do and fainted plumb away, right down to the floor. He actually did it again after the second session (I guess to him the fainting meant, love it!), so down we went again. It was quite embarrassing and confusing at the time, but now I'm like, brilliant! Needless to say, I did not go back to Hug Attack Jack after that.

RE: Just for fun - MakersDozn - 01-26-2015

OMG, yikes. Bad apples aplenty. Undecided

When our previous T was retiring, she referred us to someone that we'll call "Punctual Patty." Punctual Patty required that her clients arrive for the appointment 10 minutes before the scheduled session start time. No, thanks.

Many years earlier (pre-dx), a T (we'll call her "Elvira") spent the entire session in a leather armchair while we/MDs sat in one of two straight-back chairs across the room. The only other alternative was a faux-leather psychiatrist's couch. We don't recall what else about this T that bothered us, but the chair thing and her lack of warmth turned us off so much that we fired her by way of a lengthy letter. We have the letter on file somewhere, but we don't want to look at it again.

Last June our current T moved into the same building where we had met with "Elvira" all those years ago. In fact, it may even be in the same room. She sublets the room from another female T who we know for a fact is *not* "Elvira," who wasn't subletting but definitely had similar furniture. We figure that the psychiatrist's couch and the leather armchair probably came with the place.

Laura and others

RE: Just for fun - Tangled Web - 01-27-2015

One of my first experiences with T was in my teenage years after a hospitalization and I was living in a group home. In order to remain living in the group home we were giving the choice to either go to this T (I think he might have even been a doctor or something). I didn't want to go and told my case worker that but I had to. So off I went and stared out the window in his office. There was a bird that would always come to visit outside his window that would entertain me. He would get so mad and at one point he even closed the drapes because of the amusement I found watching this bird. I wouldn't talk to him. After about 4 or 5 sessions like that he asked me why I was there and I came right out and told him that if I didn't come to see him I was going to be kicked out from where I live. The look on his face was priceless. I don't know if it was because I spoke to him or if it was because of what I said. Probably a little bit of both. LOL. Well he said that if I didn't want to be there then I shouldn't come and we were just wasting both our time and I told him I agreed so he quit and closed my file!
I figured he was going to notify my case worker at the time but he didn't. About 6 months went by and my case worker asked me one day how my sessions were going with this guy and I looked at him and said what guy? He reminded me of who I was supposed to be seeing and I said OH that guy-well he quit a few months ago. Well my case worker was shocked then. I really didn't see the big deal but apparently it was and he reminded me of the conditions of keeping my place in the house and I told him that I filled those requirements-I went. He was the one that saw no point in seeing me again. Needless to say I got to stay in the first place I ever felt safe and loved. Smile
I thought it was really funny but them not so much but they learned that you can make me do something but you can't make me talk!

RE: Just for fun - MakersDozn - 01-27-2015

I thought it was really funny but them not so much but they learned that you can make me do something but you can't make me talk!

An admirable illustration of using the system against itself to achieve a goal that's better for you than the system itself. :-P

Laura and others

RE: Just for fun - The People - 01-27-2015

ROFL! My Ts usually just hg when we are saying goodbye. Never ever at the first meet. ROFL! Fainting. Never tried that one although I know someone who did.

RE: Just for fun - The People - 01-27-2015

I put this up because I miss laughing. I have been thinking a lot about friends I had in last town. Met many at groups. I remember one was in H and we would go outside to a bench so she could smoke. 3rd woman would join us. Oh the stories we would tell. We would double over laughing because it was safe to laugh with each other. Monominds would have been horrified if they heard the stories were wre laughing at. The would think we really did belong on the psych ward. But we could see past the darkness and watch the puppet shows. Laughing at hat once made us heart sick is a sign of healing not a horror IMO.