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Blame your T - The People - 01-18-2015

Remember back in the day where you could just blink and forget something? Don't you kind of miss that? I just told my old T that it is her fault that I now obsess on things and cannot let them go. Before I would switch or drink too much or whatever. Kinda sucks. All their fault. Anon-32

RE: Blame your T - orek - 01-21-2015

LOL> Totally! Probably the best compliment you can give a T. We'll have to remember that when we get to that point. Tongue

Having said that, sorry you're having to remember shite that never should have happened to you.

RE: Blame your T - The People - 01-22-2015

Me too although I am glad that I am not wandering around wondering why I was crazy. At least now I know why! Wink

RE: Blame your T - orek - 01-23-2015

LOL> IKR? It seriously makes a difference to know why we are the way we are. I long chalked up my struggles to poor, deficient character and weakness. Such a relief to know there's a reason we are struggling, and that the struggles are normal for what we went through. *phew*

RE: Blame your T - The People - 01-24-2015

For many, many years, probably since puberty I decided that I was flawed and the rest of the world was okay. I knew there was something wrong but I thought that it was just something crazy that I couldn't put into words.

When I started to get to the SA stuff I would ask the typical question: "Do you believe that it happened?" as part of the acceptance process. T responded in all seriousness that mine was the most insane family she ever heard about and even without the SA, which she believed happened, I could not come out of that family without scars.

Interestingly enough my sister was seeing a different T in a different province. Her T said the exact same thing a few years prior to my hearing the statement.

I still think I am flawed but know that many others are. Those with the most flaws are the people who left me in this mess.