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Nice thoughts on self - The People - 12-23-2014

The Soulful Woman

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As I experience the changing light of the SXXXXX (can be sp word) I take TIME to reflect on those things that I am grateful for. The things that I want to bless and RELEASE as well as those that I want to welcome and EMBRACE.

I give particular thanks to the COURAGE and STRENGTH that was called in me when facing difficulties in life, adversity or even danger. As I bless and reflect on these things, I appreciate their role in tempering the depth, resourcefulness and RESILIENCE of my SPIRIT. I’m still here, still standing, intact, freer and stronger than before.

The more I appreciate my strengths and who I am, the more I can appreciate others and mother earth. It always begins at home first, it begins with ME.

Artist: Annelie Solis

RE: Nice thoughts on self - Unity - 05-25-2015 BABY CHAM STRONGER FT BOUNTY KILLER & MYKAL ROSE Big Grin

Strong like diz ! PUPAJIM ''DOWN IN THE WEST''