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Two's Tantrums - The People - 12-04-2014

Today we were at the new dollar store that just opened. The chain is not new to the city but the location is closer to us.

Anyway, we picked out a few Christmas decorations for our minimal spreading of dust collectors. We already have stuff but we just added a few things for the littles. We came to something that we didn't need but Two had a different opinion on this. As she stamped a foot inside we could actually feel the right leg tighten in preparation to do the same. IMAGINE! This is not a first. When she gets worked up or excited in a store and we decide we don't need it she does this foot slamming just like any two year old might do. Or 3 or 4. I think she has actually done it in a T office or somewhere. But imagine this fifty something woman tantruming in public! People would definitely know we are nuts.

Anybody know why the thingies to the left won't work?

RE: Two's Tantrums - MakersDozn - 12-05-2014

Empathizing with the tantrum thing, although we don't have a solution.

To answer your tech question, there are a couple of technical glitches that Lea is still working to resolve. For the time being there are two workarounds for the smileys:

1. Typing them as text emoticons, such as a colon followed by a closed paren, which gets you a Smile

2. Hovering over the smiley in question and typing the word it appears, making sure to put a colon before and a colon after the word, with no spaces. For example, the word rootbeer preceded and followed by a colon gets you Rootbeer

We hope this will be resolved soon.


RE: Two's Tantrums - The People - 12-07-2014

Thanks MD

RE: Two's Tantrums - orek - 12-07-2014

Yes, I can imagine! I still have a hard time letting this 50 something body be seen acting like a child with our T. We've only been seeing her for a few months, so I was surprised when insiders, esp. kids, wanted to come out in therapy so soon. It took years before anyone did with our last T! We got to the point where we finally felt safe and comfortable switching in front of her, but after 9 years with her, she retired. (She had planned to retire sooner, so we were lucky to have her that long.) But even with her insiders bonded before upfronters finally were able to do so. She told us toward the end that she worried upfronters would never get to that point, which surprised us. We weren't aware we were still holding back! So no surprise it's the same with this new T, but still, so soon!

Do you feel self-conscious about that in therapy? Or anyone else? Just wondering if anyone can relate and, if so, how you deal with it. Cheers.