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i hate mornings - mosaic - 09-24-2014

i hate getting up... i just want to stay in bed and curl up under the covers.

the whole process of getting ready for work is hard. weirdly, once i get to work, i'm fine working with the clients, it's just getting there...

i'm so aware of the emptiness where something should be - and of the littles yearning for someone to be there for them... like they should have had

it makes it hard to be a grown up sometimes.

RE: i hate mornings - Tangled Web - 09-24-2014

We are so sorry mosaic. We hear you and can identify with that emptiness feeling. Also with the getting out of bed in the morning. We are usually fine once we get to work but some days it feels almost impossible to get there.
Sitting here listening.

RE: i hate mornings - mosaic - 09-24-2014

thank you, TW, for understanding and listening.

RE: i hate mornings - angel with wings - 09-24-2014

i certainly hear you on that too. there are times i never leave my room. can stay there all day. i think i spent 3 quarters of my summer in my bedroom. only coming out when i had to and for very short times. so i get it. sorry you are going through this.

RE: i hate mornings - mosaic - 09-25-2014

thanks, angel with wings. sorry you have it so badly.

RE: i hate mornings - angel with wings - 09-26-2014

(09-25-2014, 05:08 PM)mosaic Wrote: thanks, angel with wings. sorry you have it so badly.

thank you as well. at least we know we can relate. will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. sending warm and cozy thoughts your way.

RE: i hate mornings - MakersDozn - 09-27-2014

Hi mosaic,

We really identify with your original post. We are very much night people, and getting up is almost always a challenge.

For us, it's because we have difficulty with transitions. Transition from place to place, transition from sleep to wake or wake to sleep, translation from start of a task or project to its end. We're so much more comfortable (or less uncomfortable) doing things slowly, so that we can take our time to adjust to and feel safe in the progression of things.

It's difficult when the rest of the world doesn't operate this way. A lot of the time people want and need and demand a certain pace of us, of people in general. We don't have an answer. We just have to force ourself to keep trying.

Sending you good thoughts.