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memories after 25 years? - canucklady1971 - 07-30-2014

Is it possible to have no memories of a certain event until now after 25 years?

I am finding it hard to believe what happened

Yet in a way makes sense

Was hurt badly as teen plus other stuff which wont go into detail, but is it possible I am just making it up

RE: memories after 25 years? - Tangled Web - 07-30-2014

I don't think you are making up. The memory is a very mysterious thing. I am sorry you were hurt badly.......memories are SO HARD! offering support and a warm fuzzy blanket.

RE: memories after 25 years? - angel with wings - 07-30-2014

My T told me that as I work through things, other memories will come. Maybe this is what happened with you.

RE: memories after 25 years? - The People - 07-31-2014

From a fellow Canuck. We have been in T for 25 years. New stuff still comes up. As we lay the old stuff to rest something new comes up to rattle us. We had it pretty rough - not comparing - so there is no way it all could have been uncovered at once or we wouldn't have survived.