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hello - angel with wings - 07-22-2014

hello, I am new to this forum. my first post.

RE: hello - mosaic - 07-22-2014

welcome to mosaic minds. it is very nice to meet you. hope you can feel at home here.

RE: hello - nats - 07-23-2014

welcome! cute avatar :-)

RE: hello - angel with wings - 07-23-2014

Thank you guys. Learning my way around and meeting you all.Thank you for your kindness.

RE: hello - Tangled Web - 07-24-2014

Welcome to MM. Look forward to getting to you

RE: hello - MakersDozn - 07-26-2014

Hi, angel with wings, and welcome. We like your avatar too. One of our littles identifies with the tiger. Another one identifies with Tigger. Smile

Hope you like it here.


RE: hello - angel with wings - 07-26-2014

again, thanks. you all sound so nice and look forward to having you as my new friends.