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Very sad and scared - Silent Society - 06-14-2014

We are very sad today. Our T has been fighting lung cancer. He had surgery last year to remove the tumor and a majority of his lung. His most recent scan showed some unknown objects on his good lung that have grown since the previous scan. His cancer doctor has not seen anything like it. He has to have another biopsy to find out what they are. We are very very sad and scared. He is the keeper of the pieces and the one who knows and we are so scared. Lots of tears.

silent s

RE: Very sad and scared - kittyfamily - 06-14-2014

that must be so hard.... we sometimes get sad and scared when our T simply takes a week off ,we can't imagine how we would feel if she had cancer.....

RE: Very sad and scared - Tangled Web - 06-14-2014

We are so sorry silent s. Sitting with you.