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I am exhausted - The People - 05-16-2014

We had T today as she was sick on Wednesday. Two spent 2/3 out at least as she worked things out on the sand table. Opinionated as always. We are soooo tired now. Treat or nap first? Treat I think; we earned it.Sleepy

RE: I am exhausted - mosaic - 05-24-2014

i also get exhausted when one of the littler ones spends a lot of time out during t. hope you are rested from it now.

RE: I am exhausted - The People - 05-24-2014

Rested? The teens have taken to staying up half the night playing on Facebook. As we face the sun and a noisy street we never feel rested. Ah well. We feel good today. We take it as we can get it.