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How to Find the Right Therapist - iylahsek - 05-07-2014

Sometime in the next two months-ish, we'll be moving across the country, to the east coast. I'm very scared about this, but I know the job there will be a very good one, especially for our (external, in-the-flesh, not sure the right word?) young boys, who have not enjoyed our current home city very much. We've never lived there, though, and don't know anyone there, yet.

I am worried though, because I know its in large part my job to find a new therapist there. Our doctor here has been very, very kind, but has never worked with someone with DID, and I think that has made it difficult. But I don't really know how to look for doctors with experience, and who might be a good match. Does anyone have any good recommendations on who to find a good doctor?

RE: How to Find the Right Therapist - iylahsek - 05-07-2014

PS, sorr,y I know this is probably a newbie question, I don't mean to ask silly things that everyone else already knows.

RE: How to Find the Right Therapist - Reilly - 05-07-2014

You might try Sidran. They have a help desk and can provide a list of therapists in your area that specialize in DID. Psychologist Ellen Lacter keeps a good referral list too. You can go on the Psychology Today website and they have a list of therapists and what areas they specialize in. You might even contact a local psychiatric hospital to see if they have anyone.
Good luck. Hope you find someone positive.

RE: How to Find the Right Therapist - The People - 05-17-2014

There are no silly questions here. In fact. It would be very difficult to find a question that nobody else has ever asked.

I do hope that your move goes well. I am going under the assumption that you are in the US? Hard to come by a new doctor in Eastern Canada, let alone someone who knows about DID.

Perhaps you could start with making a list of what you want in a doctor. Male or female or doesn't matter. In a large practice (if this is an option) or small one? With this part I fid it better as there is someone available in an emergency in a big one. But it can be overwhelming.

Do they have to be nearby or is work and life flexible enough to for you to drive a bit?

With this in mind you might want to see if there is any sort of online list of doctors taking new patients and what their specialties are. That can be done where I live. As well I can call the psychologists association and get a list of people working with DID. They give 3 at a time and if none work I can ask for more names. It is a good system. It took me a bit to figure out that there were more available than the disaster on my initial list.

And don't be afraid to use your instincts. We multies have survived by developing strong instincts and it helps us to use them in this sort of situation. Talk to a few people. Then go with what feels right.

I think there is a list of what to look for or what to ask in the reading room. Best of luck. I know from experience that moving can be stressful but it sounds as if the outcome will be worth it.Race

RE: How to Find the Right Therapist - iylahsek - 05-25-2014

Thank you everyone, both for the responses, and the pointers at other resources. I'm sorry it took so long to respond - the month has been full of some trouble with my home life - but even with my slowness, I want you to know how much I appreciate the response.

RE: How to Find the Right Therapist - nats - 05-25-2014

hang in there iylahsek! hope things in your home life settle down.