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CPU usage spikes when using post-editor - Twin Volition - 04-30-2014

As of the recent fix for whatever was causing the MM forum pages to load slowly, our computer has been getting CPU usage spikes when inside the post-editor. Sometimes it is serious enough to cause input lag when typing, and I can tell it's not being caused by anything else, as it occurs when MM is the only tab/window open, and the task manager clearly shows that Firefox (the web browser) is the only process that's hogging the CPU.

Two things particularly strange about this issue:
- Minimizing the Firefox window drops the CPU usage back to normal levels. After doing this, the issue normally doesn't return for several minutes or until making a new post
- The computer has a quad-core CPU, and yet the browser is only causing usage spikes on one of the cores (as shown in the graph)

I highly doubt this is an issue with MM's post editor (it's more likely that Mozilla just needs to fix their browser, considering their history with things like RAM-hogging), but I advise that people look into this if other people encounter the problem, and especially if it still happens when they're not using Firefox.

- Arlen

RE: CPU usage spikes when using post-editor - The Warren - 04-30-2014

Hmmm...I can't look at this until we get back home on Monday. Are other people having this issue? Can folks test it and post back here if you get funky slow when you are either writing a new post or replying with the full reply. It's probably a script or a plug-in for the editor not playing nice with the browser. Does it do that in IE or Chrome for you? I haven't been experiencing this issue, but I mostly use quick reply which doesn't have the extra buttons.

We were getting hammered with spambots and scrapers last week. I suspect that may have contributed to the slowness issue, but I never did find out what caused it. It was server wide as far as I could tell. I did some cleaning and tightening up last weekend to cut down on the uninvited bandwidth suckers. It seems to have settled down, even if mostly due to having blocked a bunch of it off the site.


(testing full edit - no spikes for me)

Are you on Win7? How much RAM do you have? Right now I'm on 8.1 FF 28.0. If anyone else has issues with this, post your OS, browser, and any information you know like how much memory, CPU, if you know your connection speed etc.