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Camping : sleep times - Downtherabbithole - 04-20-2014

Camps when it comes to sleep times makes me feel ill inside. Sleeping in large room before heading south n sleeping in tents, everyone sleeping in same room. Just makes me, it triggers me I think cause things happened in simular situation while sleeping overnight in this hall. I feel ill. N another week till I can sleep in my own bed in my own home safe. I take a deep breathe n prepare myself for the week ahead. Not only that but 20 km a day of hiking. I'm navigating n leading it. I just hoped saying how I was feeling might help me sleep now as its early morning tommorrow n I'm not really good at sleeping at best of times.

RE: Camping : sleep times - nats - 04-21-2014

good luck with the hike! hiking sounds great, sleeping with a bunch of other people around - agreed, it's horrid. well done for making the effort to do it despite the emotional discomfort and hope the rest is fun :-)

RE: Camping : sleep times - Downtherabbithole - 04-25-2014

Finally got coverage. The kids were really struggling after second day, they were only 12-14 n the hike was originally for older kids who had been camping before but they all pulled out due to other activities they had in or sick family n we were left with all younger newer kids. The hike was bit much so after a a few days had rest day then yesterday had short walk n make sand castles after at beach. Today went straight to beach they are working as a team to make huge hole. It's been good to see then all playing n working together well. I walked in water for a bit then followed a couple of seagulls for a while, following their tracks they prob thought what is this human doing. Now trying to draw the coastal line sitting on the beach while watching kids. Nights not so bad in seperate area n mu sisters with me, but I keep having memories n nightmares but right now its ok just sitting here with wind n ocean n sand siren wishes wed brought barbers to go for a swim but knows we can't do anything silly like take risks with kids around. Sets bad example. Best not to swim. Hate to have an accident n almost drown in front of kids or my dad or sister...