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Is It Spring Yet? - MakersDozn - 03-02-2014

On Groundhog Day this year, the local groundhog for NYC, Staten Island Chuck, was presented to the mayor so that everyone could see what the prediction for spring was. Staten Island Chuck scurried out of the mayor's hands and back into his little house. We knew that this was not a good sign. Undecided

Fast forward. Early last week some co-workers were mentioning predictions of a humongous snowstorm here in the northeast US. Since this past month has seen the most snowfall here in decades, we were hoping that said co-workers were just creating elevator talk based on unsubstantiated early predictions that they'd heard second-hand from other people spreading unsubstantiated early predictions.

As the week developed, "8 to 12 inches" devolved to "3 to 6 inches" and then to "1 to 3 inches." We parked our car in our landlord's driveway (he lets us do this when snow is coming) this morning, but now, at nearly 10pm, there's nothing. Knock on wood.

How's everyone else doing?


RE: Is It Spring Yet? - mosaic - 03-03-2014

no snow, but freezing rain that ices up the road, and extremely cold for north Texas

RE: Is It Spring Yet? - MakersDozn - 03-03-2014

(03-03-2014, 08:23 AM)mosaic Wrote: no snow, but freezing rain that ices up the road, and extremely cold for north Texas

Empathizing. Our snowfall was just a dusting. Our neighborhood looked like a giant powdered donut this morning.


KA in weatherman's vest and bowtie - The People - 03-04-2014

24 days 6 hours and 3 minutes. In the meantime have a kitkat. Cheers one up a bit and more easily shared with littles. Rumour has it that one also gets a bang out of life but I cannot see that being true. Just like smarties don't make you smart.

RE: Is It Spring Yet? - MakersDozn - 03-04-2014

We like both KitKats and Smarties. Unfortunately we've ingested too much unhealthy stuff lately, and the scale reflects it. We needed a reality check; we've been feeling sluggish.

Enjoy the KitKat.