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Newbie - argent - 11-05-2013

Glad to be here, look forward to exploring the site and connecting with fellow sojourners.

RE: Newbie - Tangled Web - 11-06-2013

Welcome MM. This is a great place to be. Look forward to seeing you on the boards

RE: Newbie - Reilly - 11-06-2013

Hi Argent.
Welcome! The support here is fantastic. See you on the boards.

RE: Newbie - argent - 11-06-2013

Thank you, Tangled Web and Reilly.

RE: Newbie - dragonfairy - 11-07-2013

Welcome Argent to the group. Hope ya find yourself amongst friends here. Great group of people here! As for us no tellin which one of us will be out to post from time to time so see ya around.

Katie and crew