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hard day - Tangled Web - 10-15-2013

Really, really hard session today. I did something I have never really done in therapy before.........I was "real". I let her know my thoughts.........I let her in on some very deep level and am having a lot of very mixed feelings about it.........
Would appreciate it if anyone is around........would you sit with me?
If it isn't to much bother I mean.......

RE: hard day - mosaic - 10-16-2013

sitting with you. you did an amazing job, and we're really glad for you even though right now it feels otherwise

RE: hard day - Reilly - 10-16-2013

Hi Tangled Web.
Even though it is difficult it sounds like progress.
Sitting here with you now.

RE: hard day - Tangled Web - 10-16-2013

Thank you.
I am worried.......I feel like I have done something so very wrong. Can't explain it. Can't explain it at all.......just feels so very very very wrong.........

RE: hard day - MakersDozn - 10-17-2013

We're sitting with you too, TW.


RE: hard day - Tangled Web - 10-17-2013

Thank you MDs