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Thanksgiving weekend - Tangled Web - 10-12-2013

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!! To all the Canadians that is...... Smile

I have the long weekend off! YAY! I took it off because I have to work xmas this year and wanted to do a turkey dinner at my house. It is a small gathering, just the way I like it with my son and a friend and her daughter. Should be fun! Been ages since we cooked anything like this and really hoping it turns out well. Some of us are even going to have a few drinks!
So gobble gobble Canadians....It is Thanksgiving!! Smile
So much to much to

RE: Thanksgiving weekend - The People - 10-12-2013

Enjoy your dinner. Happy Thanksgiving

RE: Thanksgiving weekend - Reilly - 10-12-2013

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!
Enjoy your delicious meal. I can hardly wait until November for my turkey!
Have an terrific time.[/b][/size]

RE: Thanksgiving weekend - MakersDozn - 10-13-2013

Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian friends. We have off for Columbus Day on Monday.