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Amazing - The People - 10-11-2013

All of those years on pills when they were trying to get me to eat properly. Come off the drugs and ate well 3 days in a row. Not sugar free and the only reason why I didn't eat the box of cookies I bought the other day is that they were putrid. Which is disgusting as gluten free food is expensive

However, tonight was the best. I had half cooked a chicken in the slow cooker the other night. Ate some only to discover that there was still pink but I did not die.

Tonight I took some of the leftovers. Added bagged salad, chopped up some green peppers and half and orange 9saw that somewhere) It was yum! Not filling enough so I cooked up 4 thumb sized potatoes and had them afterward. Bored yet? So proud I emailed my pdoc (ED specialist). I never cook. Well boil some eggs but that is about it. Or occasionally I will microwave some salmon or grill a piece of chicken. But this many days in a row? I'm my own hero!RootbeerRootbeer

Plus, I emailed a place that publishes poetry. They have a web site but no directions re how to submit for poetry. No response yet as it was about 5 our time but it was a step! Race

RE: Amazing - nats - 10-11-2013


RE: Amazing - tweeter - 10-12-2013

Sounds wonderful, yummy! Very fine efforts.
tweets Sno1

RE: Amazing - The People - 10-12-2013

Thanks. Didn't do as well today but ah well. There is always tomorrow.

RE: Amazing - MakersDozn - 10-13-2013

Congrats to you!