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What do you do in therapy? - The People - 10-03-2013

We did not have a good t day for various reasons. She brought up a workbook that we already did and did not enjoy (Courage to heal). She then asked what we did in T. It was hard to answer.

Other than talking and perhaps your littles coming out and playing do you do anything different in T? We have done some stuff with other Ts but don't remember what it was called. But we would like to know what others do in sessions besides talking.

RE: What do you do in therapy? - Tangled Web - 10-05-2013

Our old T had us reading the courage to heal book too and we struggled with it also. She got mad when we asked her if she would like to keep it because she was planning on buying one for herself and we offered her ours.......LOL I think that is funny now Smile We used to colour in T and draw and we were allowed to bring in the barbies and she kept a special doll there......that was with our old T but mostly right now we just talk to this new T and giving her a chance to get know us kinda. I guess it is more trying let her get to know us and how we think.

RE: What do you do in therapy? - Tangled Web - 10-05-2013

Oh I just remembered this really cool thing my new T has been teaching us kinda. It still has to do with talking but we created this safe room within our castle and filled with comforting things and in this room we have a TV with a VHS player. We have a wall of tapes (hidden behind a book case) and we can pick out one and put it in the VHS player and we can stop it and rewind it and pause it.....they are tapes of our life. It is to help control the memories. The remote is what we have in our hands and we have complete control of it and can turn things on or off whenever we want to. We have only done this with happy memories so far but it is very cool and works well. We don't want to see the bad memories on the screen but it is fun rewinding the good ones and playing them and pausing them to see the details on the peoples faces.

RE: What do you do in therapy? - The People - 10-06-2013

We learned the build a room a long time ago. Before anyone announced themselves we kept "seeig" this room with a lamp on the floor for light.. No windows or doors. Walls made of wall paneling if anybody remembers that from early 70s. Everyone talking in whispers so she wouldn't hear.

We had another room of it and at the suggestion of a non-t we decorated it. It got burned down - long story. New T has actually recommended that we build a new one. |Fear is decorating the cellar - or was before we started new T. It does make a difference but I think we need to be in the right space for this. Maybe we will spend bed time thinking about what a perfect room would look like.

BTW I think it is funny that you offered the T the book. Obviously you didn't want it.

RE: What do you do in therapy? - MakersDozn - 10-06-2013

We just talk. For a long time it was mostly me b*tching about stuff because the others were uncomfortable coming out. But after 15 years straight (five and a half with last T and nine and a half with this one), some of the others who need it most have been coming out and talking to her. Not all who need to, but a few. It's like watching grass grow, but at least it's progress.

Laura and others

RE: What do you do in therapy? - finlyalive - 10-13-2013

Sometimes it seems like the more we talk, the worse things get. Can't seem to find that safe place and we have been there for more than three years. Too many boundaries crossed. Peige seems to have more to say according to T. Time is lost. Wondering if it is really worth it.